The Hillbilly BBQ VA History

What do you get when you mix a detail-lovin’ retired Navy Corpsman and an epic Father’s Day gift? Hillbilly BBQ! Years ago, Pitmaster Shane’s wife, Beth, was walking thru Home Depot with her dad when he pointed at a small electric smoker and said, “Do you think Shane would like that?” The answer was YES! That little smoker changed everything.

Here’s what you need to know about Pitmaster Shane, he doesn’t dabble. When Shane was just a kid he knew he wanted to be in the Navy. At 17 he left for basic training. But that wasn’t enough. Shane decided he wanted to be a submariner. After intense training and lots of certifications he was underway. When that wasn’t enough, he decided he wanted to be a Corpsman, providing medical care to his fellow sailors. After Pitmaster Shane left the Navy his love of adventure was still going strong. He found his new passion; competition rock crawling and fabrication. He even had his own 4×4 shop. Today Shane’s passions are BBQ and his family. Shane’s obsession runs deep. On top of building custom smokers, he’s developed his own rubs, sauces and injections in pursuit of the perfect cook!

These days, Shane loves cooking with his three sons and showing them the ropes down in his shop at their home in Lovettsville, keeping Hillbilly BBQ all in the family.